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agenda for UMCE Linux meeting wed 2p 2005.02.23

So, the next umce linux meeting is coming up real soon, like wednesday
3p.  [Linda -- can you check to see that we haven't been evicted
from the round table room?  Thanks...]

I'll send out an agenda tuesday night -- but if you have any
particular ideas on what you'd like to talk about, or not talk about,
now would be a good time.

Cribbing last meeting's agenda, I see we talked about:
bugzilla (probably don't need this again)
new base [ & wwb wonders what version gcc we all use or ought to use ]
tracking user exploits?
sharing command files?

I heard a rumour the web folks moved their staff meeting to wednesdays.
Do we need to rethink meeting times?

I don't promise any of these will make the agenda unless
somebody speaks up (on the other hand, I don't promise they won't
if nobody does...)