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Re: agenda for UMCE Linux meeting wed 2p 2005.02.23

At 2:45 AM -0500 2/22/05, Marcus Watts wrote:
I'll send out an agenda tuesday night -- but if you have any
particular ideas on what you'd like to talk about, or not talk about,
now would be a good time.

The anti-virus/anti-spam product evaluation and selection group would like someone with umce linux experience to be available to assist with technical questions, if any arise, from the subgroup which is evaluating products on unix/Linux.

More at: http://www.umich.edu/itcommons/avas.html

The current unix team is:

1) Dennis Hogan, Co-Team Leader
2) John Herlocher, Co-Team Leader
3) Dan Ostrom
4) John Lauro
5) Lane Hoy


Dan Lannom
Andrew Mortensen
Bruce Burrell
Kevin Cheek
Beth Bridson

If the umce.linux group could offer up a volunteer and let me know, I won't have to toss a coin to select one! Thanks, Gavin