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Re: agenda for UMCE Linux meeting wed 2p 2005.02.23

At 4:07 AM -0500 2/24/05, Marcus Watts wrote:
So, what kind of commitment exactly are we looking at here --
weekly meetings?  Occasional e-mail responses?

... I would estimate that a minimum would be one meeting and subsequent e-mails, but the process hasn't started and we haven't seen which companies will respond to the RFP yet, so it could vary from that. If the involvement could be greater, it does have a limited (one month?) duration,

What all exactly is
this group doing?  I hadn't actually read the RFP until after the
meeting.  It left me with even more questions though -- The RFP looks
like kind of a catch-all

... it IS a request for proposals for anti-spam and anti-virus (AVAS) tools for servers and clients in e-mail based and file based contexts. We think it unlikely that we'd find one vendor or product to cover all that, so there would be multiple products -- not quite a "catch-all" but certainly not monolithic.

which parts would this group be
operating/deploying, and which parts would be run by other groups --
and how are efforts being coordinated with those groups?

... the product selected for any protections on the core infrastructure would be run by UMCE. Others who run e-mail services are represented in the evaluation teams. Flint and Dearborn are also involved. A product with better evaluation than DSPAM would, for example, replace DSAPM in our environment.

How does
funding work for all this?

... General fund money would be requested.

Has any consideration been given to
open-source solutions for those parts where it's practical?

... yes, but how oss products will get evaluated is an open question. This is worth more conversation with the AVAS steering team. At the very least DSPAM should be evaluated under the same criteria as the competition. I'll ask avas-steering how that might happen.

Is there
any particular reason not to select Andrew Mortensen or Patrick

... no. Andrew's leading the Mac team so is likely to not have as much time.