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Fwd: Unix OS testing for Anti-Virus/-Spam/-Spyware RFP

Is anyone testing AVAS on UMCE linux?

Begin forwarded message:

From: dhogan@xxxxxxxxx
Date: March 14, 2005 1:44:55 PM EST
To: unix-admins@xxxxxxxxx
Cc: avas-unix@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Unix OS testing for Anti-Virus/-Spam/-Spyware RFP


As part of the current RFP process for anti-virus, anti-spam and
anti-spyware software, we are about to start receiving the submissions
to test. I have two questions related to this:

1. What Unix variants do you want tested? Currently, we are only
planning on testing AIX, Solaris 8 and 9, and a limited list of
Linux distributions, such as RedHat Enterprise 3 and maybe 4,
and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 8 and 9, and Suse Pro 9.0. Are
there others you want tested? If so, would you volunteer to help
test on them?

2. On a related note, does anybody want to champion any open source
software for this process? You cannot be involved in the current
testing of anything you propose as the champion. You can only
submit the names of software packages to be tested and answer any
questions the testers have about them. (Anyone on avas-unix can
not be an OSS champion)

 Dennis W. Hogan
 Computing Support
 School of Information