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whitesands (fwd)

The machine whitesands.rsug.itd.umich.edu is up.  It's eval for hardware that
we're going to be replacing the di (sites infastructure/printing) boxes with.

It's a scaled down version of area51 box (we're looking at moving to).

You can login with your kerberos password, root pw is the default one, and
it's got the login template on it.

It's got dual 2.8 GHz processors, 1GB of RAM, cd rom, dual GB networking and
dual 200GB SATA drives.  Mike got the kernel on it correctly configured
for reasonable performance on the disks this time around, he'll be updating
area51 fairly soon as well.

Please feel free to pass any feedback to me.  We will have more detailed
comparison statistics focusing on Disk I/O amongst all of the things we're
considering within the month.

       -- Andrew

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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:20:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael C Garrison <mcgarr@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Andrew Douglas Inman <ainman@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: whitesands

whitesands.rsug.itd.umich.edu is ready for testing. It's got the
linux-login so people should be able to use their kerberos password. The
root password is still the default cd one.

Mike Garrison