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power utilization / heat production

Sean asked about heat earlier, here are some power consumption number based
on actual tests (on burn in or other test hardware).  The results are slightly
lower than vendor prediction.  Also note that burn3 and area51 are identical
hw other than one uses SCSI disks and the other uses SATA.

Note the whitesands machine is the "class" we're looking at for sites, the
two ancient pieces of sun hardware are what we've previously had in sites.

machine type			Proc	Watts	Amps	Note

WS 1u dual scsi drives		2x3.6	275W	2.5A	burn3
WS 1u dual sata drives		2x3.6	255W	2.25A	area51
WS 1u dual sata drives		2x2.8	240W	2.1A	whitesands
Dell 1750 dual scsi drives	2x3.2	255W	2.32A	smith
SuperMicro dual scsi drives	2x2.8	253W	2.3A	nimbus

Sunblade X1 single IDE drive	500Mhz	50W	.46A	pegasus
Old ME Sun Dual scsi drives	400Mhz	85W	1.2A	unlabelled