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Re: boot cd more recent than 03/04?

I've had a couple versions of the boot cd floating around, usually they have the date the image was created written on the CD, and depending on the date, will have various flaws which led me to build more recent versions. The last image I built was on 3/17/05, and has new features such as: base-1.2.6, and radmind-1.5.0, tcsh-6.13.00, screen-4.0.2, and reiserfsprogs-3619 though I haven't tested any of the last three as they are on the cd.

If you'd like an image, I put one in a transcript on sixthday for the time being:


I'm sure there's a better place to locate it, so I'll remove it from sixthday once I have it in that better place (not that I know where that place is).


On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, liam hoekenga wrote:

Is there a newer version of the boot cd available?  Perhaps with a version of
radmind that understands nested transcripts and command files?