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ACNC JetStor III Firmware: new version


For those of us using JetStor III 14-bay IDE SCSI RAIDs, there is a new version of the firmware posted on the manufacturer's site, version 4.20a.

IFS has not tested the new version of the firmware yet. Once we have, I will post it with my current RAID documentation (http://www.umich.edu/~ueda/docs/acnc/).

However, if you should like access to a copy prior and have problems accessing the ACNC site, please contact Allen, Martin, or I (yes, I remember the login and password).

We actually had an RMA returned controller shipped back with version 4.20m (yet another version???) and have an inquiry into AC&NC of whether the two versions, 4.20a and 4.20m differ.