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reiserfs v3.6 and AFS...

Hello All,

I've been testing reiserfs v3.6 and AFS on test.ifs.umich.edu single file server running UMCE Linux kernel 2.4.29.

/vicepa has 63310 volumes
/vicepb has 26248 volumes

It approximately 1hour 10mins to run the salvager and attach the volumes in this environment. This seems to be about the same as our current AFS setup which is running ext2. But what reiserfs does not need to do is an fsck(8) that is unless there are media errors found. Then reiserfsck(8) needs to be run.

What this boils down to is that if an AFS fileserver is recovering from a crash that does not involve disk media error the AFS volumes can become available (depending on the number of volumes) approximately 1 hour sooner. This is because the *fsck(8) does not by default run at boot time on the reiserfs file systems.

Allen Bailey
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