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UMCE Linux 5/11 Agenda

The meeting will be 3:15-4:45 in 2501. The slight time change was for room scheduling. I suggest we still aim to be done by 4:30, because that's 15 minutes less meeting. Also, it gives us a chance to arrive on time. =)

This is what I have so far... Any additions can be brought up during agenda review. Also if people discussing topics can let me know how much time they want/need, and if members of groups with unclaimed topics (AFS and manager types) could claim them that would be great. Also I just feel special when I get email.



A) Next facilitator & notetaker

B) Announcements

C) Agenda review

D) Console servers (michael)
- there is a lot to discuss about this, right now just a general feedback about what our next generation of console servers should have and should not. What we like about the current consoles, what we dislike, etc. Also some security ideas.

E) Kernel Changes

1. Current status...
Action items from last meeting:
    * build 2.4.30 shared - Kevin, Sean
    * enable SATA options per Michael
    * update system map

* base 1.3.1 testing

* we should have an official "current" gcc
- remove old unused versions
- align ourselves with gcc development efforts
* Brehm is working on listing the components that are currently in base

1. base kernel needs sk98lin (michael)
- Currently, our base kernel does not support the belkin gigabit cards we purchased. The 2.4.29 kernel has support for the sk98lin module, but the code is old and does not detect these cards. You have to grab the source from http://www.syskonnect.de/syskonnect/support/driver/ and compile the module in order to get it to detect properly.

2. AMD PCnet32 ethernet adaptor (unrepresented)
Neither I nor Bill Doster will be able to make it to the meeting, but he asked me to request that we add support for the AMD PCnet32 ethernet adaptor to our kernel config. His intention is to run umce linux under vmware, and we believe this is the appropriate driver to make vmware work.

F) Security Recommendations (unrepresented)
Wes, Kevin and Andy tell us the rules

G) syslog and core dump improvements (sean)

H) AFS hardware testing progress(?? Jane? Marcus? Michael?)
reported to be ready for testing at 4/6 meeting

I) Review of action items