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UMCE linux mtg: 5/25: agenda request

These seem to be the leftover items from the last meeting. Let me know if anything should be added. Meeting time: wednesday, may 25th 3-4:30pm.

- Willie

Action Items
1) Michael will come back with console documentation for discussion 5/25
(Initial implementation may happen beforehand)
2) 1.3.1 base will be new head (sean) 5/25
3) Kevin has 2.4.30 build, Sean will document
4) Sean will coordinate scheduling of hardware forum
5) Wes, Kevin & Andy will get security input and tell us the rules 5/25
6) Sean will move new syslog reporting to cleanup stage

Next Meeting is May 25th; facilitator Willie, notetaker Liam

-- Willie Northway University of Michigan Webmaster Team http://willienorthway.com/ http://www.umich.edu/~umweb/