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umce.linux meeting minutes 5/25/05

(sorry for getting these out late) - Willie

UMCE Linux meeting minutes, May 25th ====================================

5 Announcements
- andrew
- hardware ordered
- the DI machines for SITES have come in
- the large order for RAIDS have gone to purchasing (for IMAP and IFS)
- first agenda for hardware group is to evaluate
- desktop machines - poweradmin going away
- anyone wanting move to a mac or a linux machine running umce linux should
talk to andrew

10 Michael will come back with console documentation for discussion
(Initial implementation may happen beforehand)
- they've replaced octopussy, working w/ifs to replace another one
- bill's cleaning up transcript namespace (removing lfs- prefix)
- using ext3, x only listens on localhost
- should decide whether we're filtering the connections (using ip tables to
limit things to umce subnets)
- if you've used octopussy and have feedback, contact michael
- there will be a sit down console in the work area by the chillers

5	1.3.1 base will be new head (sean)
 - shared/base.T exists, tho shared/base-1.3.1.T doesn't exist yet
 - feel free to test
 - upcoming changes mostly cosmetic -
   - will be removing bind in a sensible way
   - new syslog stuff will likely be in 1.4.0

5	Kevin has 2.4.30 build, Sean will document
 - revisit at next meeting

15	64 bit linux  (Kasthuri or Willie)
 - albert's bringing up two 64bit machines for stats
 - current problems w/ 32bit -
   - umweb /mysql
   - rsug / umod
   - rsug / imap tsm backups
 - sean warns against deploying ad-hoc 64bit environment
 - coordinate w/ albert if you need to test in said environment

5 Sean will coordinate scheduling of hardware forum
- "we discussed some things and made some progress"
- amy has plans for ongoing hardware group to meet which will report here

10	Wes, Kevin & Andy will get security input and tell us the rules
 - remote idle logins?
 - managers agreed to set some security / guidelines standards,
   waiting to hear back
 - revisit at next meeting

5 Sean will move new syslog reporting to cleanup stage
- thinks all the bugs have been worked out, deployed on all rsug machines
using current comand files
- will write small script to retrieve all the logfiles for a specific
date per postmaster request
- this will end up in v.1.4.0 of the base, as it's a significant change
that will require reconfiguration for anyone collecting log files
- if you have an immediate need for it, talk to sean

15	move to shared/simta-neg-<version> (Sean)
 - simta-neg-1.0.0.T is currently a copy of simta-neg.T
 - simta-neg-1.0.1.T has the parent of a the spool directory included?
 - please move to simta-neg-1.0.0.T or simta-neg-1.0.1.T so simta-neg.T
   can become a real HEAD.  sean doesn't want to break tripwire on other
   people's machines

15 using other groups' command files (graphics, xml (Liam))
- how do you handle other people using out of date versions of your transcripts
- is the stuff currently in shared really shareable?
- agreed not to put stuff into shared until multiple people have verified
that the transcripts really can be shared
- when we change stuff in shared, we should be notifying people
- how do we get people off of old versions of software that either in shared
or in the lfs- namespace
- should we have a text file w/ the names of obsolete transcripts in it and
notify anyone who's using that transcript

- test stuff in your own enviroment before rolling it into shared
- deprecate and announce if new version is a security fix, but if it's a
feature bump, let them run old stuff

- we need to actually organize where transcripts and command files are stored so it's possible to identify the owner/responsible group for a command file, for example.

1) announce feature enhancements
- any time a change happens in shared (software revved, new transcripts,
etc), mail should be sent to umce.linux@xxxxxxxxxx This is true for
item 2 as well.
2) depricate and warn about insecure software
3) indicate ownership of machines by placing command files in subdirectories
(this requires a recent version of radmind)

Move command files out of top level of command directory
Move transcripts out of top level lfs- namespace

total time:

- epcjr wrote support for libwrap into simta
- eq needs to be moved from ext2 to reiser
- willie and sean have written additional radmind utilities, they'll meet to figure out what to do them

next meeting (6/22)
facilitator - amw
scribe - mjsager