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Re: local root exploit in 2.4.29

At least it is for gpcc/sites or other people who have local users. I have a compilation of 2.4.31, however, the config doesn't incorporate all the changes discussed in our meeting a month ago.

From a previous e-mail the agreed changes were:
    b) new kernel 2.4.30, doesn't have driver/patch for sk98lin
        SATA options, SCSI
        sysreq magic key
        pcnet32 ethernet support
        sk98lin from belkin
        security ramifications, kevin will tell us how aggressively to
        patches: NOTES, common tracking, belkin patches not in 2.4.30

Of this, I have
        pcnet32 ethernet support
        sk98lin from belkin

I'm not sure which options to turn on for the remaining settings, so if anyone has already made a config, or knows what I should turn on, please let me know.


On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Michael C Garrison wrote:

Our current kernel has a local root exploit that was published May 11th.


The proof of concept will crash a machine:

2.4.31 fixes this, which was released on 2005-06-01. I think that this should be a high priority update that we need to do ASAP.

Mike Garrison