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Re: local root exploit in 2.4.29

Ack. That was my mistake. I renamed the transcripts and rcs notes, but I neglected to rename the directory holding the files. I had originally named the kernel 1.3.1, but I realized that conflicted with our naming scheme, so I made it 1.4.0. It should be fixed now. The cache manager suffered equally, but also should be better now.

sixthday% lcksum -c sha1 -n kernel-1.4.0.T
kernel-1.4.0.T: verified
sixthday% lcksum -c sha1 -n openafs-1.2.13-cm-1.4.0.T
openafs-1.2.13-cm-1.4.0.T: verified

I'll see what I can do about a bootcd as well.


On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Katarina Lukaszewicz wrote:

the shared/kernel-1.4.0 doesn't have any files under file/shared/kernel-1.4.0

sixthday-radmind:; ls file/shared/kern*
boot  lib

boot  lib
sixthday-radmind:; pwd

Katarina Lukaszewicz
part of Blackops oncall and technical administrative support
for UMCE services

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Albert Bertram wrote:

I have a kernel and afs cache manager available for people to test or otherwise use. Relevant transcripts are:


patches and the new config have been checked in to cvs on equilibrium.


On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Michael C Garrison wrote:

Our current kernel has a local root exploit that was published May 11th.


The proof of concept will crash a machine:

2.4.31 fixes this, which was released on 2005-06-01. I think that this should be a high priority update that we need to do ASAP.

Mike Garrison