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Re: Meeting, 6/22, call for items

Welcome to the group Lewis.

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Lewis Donofrio wrote:

I'm new to the group but what about:

Road-map for 2.6.11 adoption?

We can certainly discuss this again, and probably should, but we've spoken about this before, and the main points that were brought up were:

* If it isn't broken, don't fix it, what do you need in 2.6 which doesn't
  exist in 2.4?
* There isn't a 2.7 kernel.  So all the development work is happening in
  the 2.6 kernel.  Do we really want our production servers running on
  development code?

Having said all that, when we were investigating using amd opteron based servers, it was decided that due to difficulties in booting a 64bit 2.4 kernel, we would use a 2.6 kernel for that platform. So, at a bare minimum, the roadmap appears to be that we'll upgrade to 2.6 when we upgrade to opteron servers. This is supposing that we will not be using ia64 or other 64 bit processors.

Templates discussion/examples/demos's for Radmind usage (for a one to
many model)?

I don't want to squelch this as a discussion topic, because there are valid points that could be raised regarding how we communicate and share loadsets. However, if what you want an introduction to how we use radmind, it would probably be better to do that one on one outside of the group than during a meeting. If you'd like, I can make myself available to discuss my experience with radmind.

What time is the meeting and where?

It's this Wednesday, at 3:00-4:30 pm, in Building 3 at Arbor lakes, I believe room 2501.