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Re: Meeting, 6/22, call for items

5) (mcgarr, or bertrama) CONFIG_FILTER=y in kernel ?
I understand that console servers and/or di boxes require this for their dhcp server.

For reference the kernel documentation has this to say:

  The Linux Socket Filter is derived from the Berkeley Packet Filter.
  If you say Y here, user-space programs can attach a filter to any
  socket and thereby tell the kernel that it should allow or disallow
  certain types of data to get through the socket.  Linux Socket
  Filtering works on all socket types except TCP for now.  See the
  text file <file:Documentation/networking/filter.txt> for more

  You need to say Y here if you want to use PPP packet filtering
  (see the CONFIG_PPP_FILTER option below).

If unsure, say N.

5) (bertrama) 2.4.31 builds are out there shared/kernel-1.4.0.T The configuration changes we discussed shared/kernel-1.4.1.T 1.4.0 + CONFIG_FILTER=y

5) (bertrama) boot cd anouncements/requests for feedback:
    does it do what you want?
    can it do what you want better?

5) (clunis?, or anyone else involved with cvs.itd ) web and anonymous cvs
    access to cvs.itd.umich.edu ?

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Tony Winkler wrote:

So it's that time again, time to gear up for another UMCE linux meeting. Let me know what items you'd like added to the agenda with approx. times for discussion.

Current items may include:

- Console documentation (MIchael)
- 2.4.30 build (Kevin, Sean)
- Security policies (Wes, Kevin, Andrew)
- Hardware forum/order status? (Andrew)

and other items as you see fit--lemme know.

Tony Winkler
UMCE Webmaster Team