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updated absys-1.99b (fwd) + other openafs goodness

Michael now has a version of absys which doesn't fail to build on our openafs-1.2.13. Yay!

Also. I made some openafs command files:


I recommend using:

k shared/openafs/client-1.2.13-1.4.1.K

if you'd like to use openafs with the 1.4.1 kernel. If you still use the 1.4.0 kernel, then use the other command file. If you're using any other kernel you have a local root vulnerability.


---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 13:58:01 -0400 From: michael shiplett <michael.shiplett@xxxxxxxxx> To: dwb@xxxxxxxxx Cc: pkkumar@xxxxxxxxx, cengle@xxxxxxxxx, bertrama@xxxxxxxxx Subject: updated absys-1.99b


this handles the AssertionFailed issue as well as making
the use of mit & afs the default (i.e., you only need to
use --with-afs=/path/to/top/of/afs if afs is not in /usr
and similary for mit k5 if it is not in /usr/local/mit-k5).