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Meeting 7/27 Call for items

Hi all,

If memory serves me correctly, we have another umce.linux meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, 7/27 at 3pm in Building 1, Room 2501.

Does anyone have notes from last month's meeting? I didn't see any sent to the list.

My current Agenda looks like: Which is gathered from traffic on the list.

10 Announcements (everyone)
10  /dev/epoll for the kernel  (liamr if he has something to say)
5  Good and bad ways to mount multiple proc's (bertrama)
5  suid bits in base revisited (bertrama)
5  new base (bertrama)
30 What do you use umce.linux for, how do you do it, and moreover,
      how do you share how to do it? (everyone)
5  shared command files, and transcripts vs potentially, but not shared
      comamnd files and transcripts  (bertrma)

If there are many other topics to add, the penultimate option may very well be removed, but I think it would be a good exercise to review how we accomplish specific tasks that we perform so that we're all on the same page. A couple examples may be which transcripts to use when setting up X, or an afs client.