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Re: mountproc rc script + base transcript

Hi all,

My last suggestion had a potential problem with it. After further testing, I think it's better to mount second or third proc entries from /etc/rc.d/init.d/mountfs

The change I propose would be to change:


Which is later used as:

mount -a -t $NO_FS

So, does anyone have an opinion on this revised suggestion?


On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Albert Bertram wrote:

Hi all,

I was looking through the rc scripts and I realized that I didn't like the way mountproc mounts /proc. In particular, it does:

mount /proc

but I think it should really do:

mount -a -t proc

My argument is that one may want to have proc mounted in multiple locations, for example, if you do work in a chrooted environment. If everyone is comfortable with this change, I'd like enact it in the next version of base.

Speaking of base, has there been any work on that lately? I heard that there may be some changes to it relatively soon, but I'm not sure how soon.

These items will appear in next week's agenda, but we can make that discussion smoother if you have an opinion you can share via e-mail before then.