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Re: boot cd frustration


I agree whole heartdly with what you have said before. With our current setup, the default should be serial console if an option can not be forced. I'm sure this is a simple change Albert could do.

Mike Garrison

On Mon, 1 Aug 2005, gelle@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have an ongoing problem with tipping into a machine, hitting enter a few times to get a prompt, and finding out there's a CD left in there, and I've just booted off VGA console.

This requires a visit to the machine.

I think the ideal would be to have no default, and force a number to be selected.

If this is not possible, then I think that '3'... boot from serial console... should be the default, so at least I will be able to reboot again without visiting the machine. Tedious if it's in ALDC, but a lot more aggravating if it's at SEB.

Does anyone object to this change to the boot CD? Is there a reason I haven't thought of for there to even be a default, and secondly, a default which doesn't work on the majority of our machines?