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Re: transcript/shared/apache-base-neg.T has cosign in it

I've removed /var/cosign/filter from transcript/shared/apache-base- neg.T. That line was not needed on any of the web machines. It might be needed on eq except that, I believe, that machine is not running the cosign filter.


On Aug 8, 2005, at 4:13 PM, Michael C Garrison wrote:

In apache-base-neg.T, it includes /var/cosign/filter as a negative directory. If you're just doing a base apache load, you will not have /var/cosign/ at all, therefore when trying to lapply it will fail.

It seems to me that ./var/cosign/filter should be in its own negative transcript, so if you're using cosign you can include that negative..

In the mean time for my purpose, I've made a apache-base-neg-1.0.T in transcript/mcgarr/ . If we all agree, I'll move that over to shared and create an apache-cosign-neg.T that has ./var/cosign/ filter in it.

Mike Garrison