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Re: Reminder tomorrow: umcelinux cleanup meeting, 6pm.

I believe the intention was that people would be able to make changes to their servers' command files and transcripts at that time because it _is_ 6pm on a Friday, it's pretty close to many or at least one group's maintenance windows. I think the choices were either 6pm Friday, Midnight Tuesday, or 3am Sunday.

Anyhow, at least one intended result is that we'd clean up crufty transcripts like those which are still /var/radmind/transcript/lfs-*.T

Theoretically, pizza was to be arranged as well. But I believe that was on Kevin's plate.


On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 liamr@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Kevin was the one from our team eager to do this, and eager to be there... but
he has since decided to be on vacation. I know I can't come.

Perhaps we should reschedule?


Quoting Katarina Lukaszewicz <catarina@xxxxxxxxx>:

Just want to double check - the time decided was 6pm on a Friday?
	I hope you aren't expecting a record turn-out...

Katarina Lukaszewicz
part of Blackops oncall and technical administrative support
for UMCE services

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Albert Bertram wrote:

Hi all, just a friendly reminder to the group that we all agreed we'd be in tomorrow around 6 pm to clean up transcripts and take care of whatever other business we can come up with which is best done with everyone present.