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Notes from UMCE Linux 8/17/05

Members in attendance:
- Charles Stuart, Sprocket, Trash Heap, Albert Bertrama, Nancy the Bellydancer, Bill Gates,  Mike Garrison

         - Atipa demo unit is supposed to be in this week, along with the Western Scientific SATA demo unit

Agenda Items: - Bill Gates suggested switching all of our production servers to the beta version of Windows Vista running under VMWARE on Gentoo on PDP11s - Trash Heap, Sprocket, Nancy the Bellydancer, and Bill Gates all agreed - Charles, Mike, and Albert opposed - Will manage with synctree - NOTICE: All staff will be required to take Microsoft Training towards the MCSE certificate

- Bill Gates also highly recommended that when they are available, we phase out the PDP11s to get ready for the switch to XBOX 360.
         - With 9 billion dot product operations per second, pine, outlook, afs, web, and imap should run at excruciatingly fast speeds.

- Kermit the Frog walked into the meeting half hour late.

- Future hardware allocation to be determined by wagering said hardware in games of poker.

- Albert is offering a "Boot CD creation clinic" on Monday, Aug 22nd at 2PM at his desk. If people want to attend and can not make it, then let Albert know and we can schedule another time.

- Next Meeting will be September 28th. Someone can volunteer via e-mail to be the facilitator and note taker.
         - Ok scratch that, Charles volunteered to be note taker.

         - Agenda items not taken care of:
                 - Rescheduling cleanup meeting
                 - Mounting multiple proc systems
                 - Kerb5 in its own transcripts due to rapid changes