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Digi etherlite issue - i need feedback

At this point, Digi has admitted they are unable to fix sun break issue with the Etherlite's. They've offered a few alternatives:

1) They can exchange the 32 port etherlites for 16 port TS Series. These units are sun break safe and provide a little more functionality than the etherlite 32's (http://www.digi.com/products/terminalservers/portserverts816.jsp)

2) They can exchange the 32 port Etherlites for their CM series, which is an all in one solution. The downside to this is that we would have to pay money to upgrade to these units.

3) Another solution would be to have them exchange our 32 ports for 16 ports and purchase the power adapter from ASP Technologies, which is supposed to solve the issue.

4) We can just 'deal with it' and know that we can't unplug the units with sun hardware plugged in..

I require feedback so that we can figure out what route we should go concerning this.. so please give me your feedback!

Mike Garrison