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Re: spam

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Willie Northway wrote:

So, UMCE staff, what's the status of getting DSPAM on the
email gateways so it can be used to filter traffic to/from
UMOD groups?

You mean the "Do Not Spam List"?


It was launched last winter. This list is using it, however, the DNSL only blocks known spammers. Not necessarily spam from unknown sources.

Nope, we're all aware of that. The "Do Not Spam List" is helpful, but a LOT of spam still gets through. Check out the listserver archives for, say, lsa-unix-admins@xxxxxxxxx for an example.

What I'm talking about is full DSPAM filtering for UMOD groups,
just like we have now for ITCS IMAP mailboxes.  In fact -- and
I've had this discussion with Wes before -- I believe that putting
DSPAM on the ITCS IMAP servers was not what should have been done.
Instead, DSPAM should have been put on the mail gateway machines
so that it could filter both email that was bound for the ITCS
IMAP servers, plus email that was bound for any other mail server
or service on campus (including UMOD groups containing non-UMich
members).  To be clear, what I'm talking about here is just tagging
each message -- filtering based on the tagging would still happen
with Sieve on the IMAP server as it does now, with mail client
software, and via other arbitrary mechanisms.

Lack of DSPAM (or a comparable solution) on the UMich mail
gateways has been a huge problem for FootPrints on campus.
Lots of computer-related and non-computer-related projects
(for example, the Campus Information Centers) are getting
over 100 spam a day, each, that are the same messages that
routinely get filtered into SpamBox on the ITCS IMAP servers.

I invite any and all to verify the level of frustration felt
by many on campus by joining the footprints-project-administrators
listserver and asking there if spam is a problem and if the
"Do Not Spam" setting in their FootPrints projects' UMOD groups
is doing an effective job.

Keep in mind this is NOT a FootPrints-specific problem: it
affects regular UMOD groups, listserves on campus, and much more.
I've fielded a complaint just yesterday about the unix-admins mailing
list (which is not a listserve, just a regalar UMOD group) about
the amount of spam the group receives.

                Mark Montague
                LS&A Information Technology