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Digi update

Here's where we stand on the digi issue.

They are unable to fix the EtherLite 32's to make them sun break safe, as they previously thought. At first, the options in the previous e-mail were what was presented to me by one of the people at Digi.

I asked for them to send back all the Digi's that I had sent in to be fixed, as the general agreement was to just deal with it, since we have for so long. When speaking with Cassandra, she asked me how I felt about the deal that the others had offered and I told her that I honestly didn't think it was fair, as we purchased these with the idea of them being sun-break safe.. altho, as I said, I was not the main person on the project when they were evaluated.

She said she also did not feel that the deal was fair and she was going to work on it and get back to me, but in the mean time she was sending back the EtherLite 32's.

Well, I spoke with her on Friday of last week and they are going to be giving us two PortServer TS 8 and two PortServer TS 16s. These are certified sun break safe. ( http://www.digi.com/products/terminalservers/portserverts816.jsp )

In addition, I believe they use the same cabling as the EtherLites. They also support using RealPort like the EtherLite 32s, so they won't be difficult to set up. They support encryption along with the ability to ssh to specific ports on the TS itself, but since they will be on the backend network like the EtherLite 32s, we won't be sshing to them directly.

They should arrive sometime this week, but thats where we stand on the Digi's at this point.

Mike Garrison