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linux mtg minutes, 9/28/05

UMCE Linux Meeting Wed. September 28th, 2005 ===============================

Attendance: Willie, Liam, Jane, Charles, Miguel, Mike, Andrew
Minutes By: all

5  Agenda Review
5  Announcements
25 migration to the new radmind server - sweda
5  radmind helper utilities - willn
30 upgrading base - liamr
5 reiserfs fix
5 consoles - michael
10 status.itcs.umich.edu issues

- stats servers are in
- umweb 64bit machine is in
- everyone should have 1G ethernet soon. talk to adam, martin, or temps if you need cat 5e cable or 1G switches

radmind helper utilities - willn
parents - lets you see which transcript of command file is using a command file
- new features (not pushed out yet)
* don't need full paths now ( transcript/trans.T or command/ cmd.K work)
* -s switch -> structure layout .. shows you transcript and all command files that inherit it
* -a (all) shows you both structure and machine names

mylocks - if run anywhere, it will show you in /var/radmind/ transcript and /var/radmind/command and see if you have anything checked out in RCS
- if so, it will tell you what files and when it was checked out
- doesn't check config, but will shortly

- Thanks for doing this Willie!

migration to the new radmind server - sweda
- blackops has a new server setup on linux
- have a temp cert on there right now to test with
- feel basic functionality is there
- will do 1 more rsync before migration
- sean wants to figure out what he hasn't thought about for migration
- backups
- update parents and locks scripts
- currently ultraviolet.rsug but will change before migration
- will have the a record for radmind pointed at it
- log in and verify.. make sure you can do the normal things you do and let sean know of any glitches
- want to do it when activity is low
- during the day sat or sun
- sync window, shutdown sixthday radmind, start up 'new' one, change dns
- tentative: 16th [sun] of oct

- after migration, we should schedule a day to clean up our transcripts
    - make scripts to nag about locks on config file, do cleanup, etc
        - delete everything in tmp older than 2 weeks

    - remove unused, identify old software, plan upgrades
    - tentative: 19th [wed] of oct

upgrading base - liamr
- liam feels we should update base
- the latest version of Oracle needs a newer version (need glibc 2.3.3 +) than what we have
- jane mentioned that albert needed and built glibc 2.3.3 too, for Mathematica

- coreutils, binutils, glibc, etc are out of date
- in umweb there is an 'EXPERIMENTAL' directory which contains transcripts for things other groups might use
- wants to move out of umweb to top level so everyone can put their new builds in there then move to shared if deemed stable
- meeting attendees agreed that it would be a good idea to have an experimental directory at the same level as shared (not inside shared)
- sean feels we might need to make multiple revs of the new base with diff glibc versions

- 2.6 kernel upgrade .. get opinions from wes and others
    - huge upgrade, but will be beneficial to us
    - consider doing next major base rev w/ kernel upgrade

- sean has several transcripts he wants to be applied to base
    - newsyslog
        - sean has a script that'll migrate to the new naming scheme
        - will rotate based on size (~1.8 gb) or by time (end of day)
        - can monitor non syslog logfiles (eg: apache)
    - sasl update

- openssl and openssh could use updates

- openafs is up to 1.4 rc 5; expecting next fully stable cut really soon.

- a version of base (base.T) in shared that has gcc removed exists, according to sean, but that has not been merged into a rev'd version of base

- have a seperate meeting/time for updating base w/ gcc removed and updated utilities and transcripts updated
- working meeting .. find otu who else is interested, schedule a time and do it
- sean will schedule - oct 10th ~ 3pm

reiserfs problem - cdstuart
- rc script assumes that <filesys>.fsck exists, but reiserfs doesnt require that
- only fsck manually
- reiserfs doesn't require it to be run on boot
- charles will check to see that it's getting called with a flag or something to make sure that it's NOT running a full fsck from the init script unless needed
- okay to add symlink if this the case

consoles - mcgarr
- will get with each group to migrate off of old consoles servers

status.itcs.umich.edu issues
to make it better...
- working towards becoming a 1 point of contact tool
- things that are related should be phyiscally noted
- things that are immediatly resolved should be able to be closed in the initial ticket
- if X service is affected, X should be notified
- if IMAP is affected, postmaster should be notified, etc
- organizes the info that each group is interested in
- the current staff only notes doesnt get mailed out
- clearly defined areas for certain types of info
- brief for managers, stuff for human consumption, stuff for staff
- only thing that you would have to do for an outage
- hate the 24 hours waiting period for maintenance
- people just defeat it using emergency maintenance, which mischaracterizes what the action is or they'll ignore it or they'll wait to do it when not needed
- hinders workflow
- not every outage report shows
- users should not notice, it doesnt get reported
- if its outside of the 24 hour window doesnt get sohwed
- priority of outages: eg if its important it'll show, otherwise it won't
- services are not listed accurately
- wats team has requested their own services checkbox to have their own rss feed
- common list of services
- any other issues, send to willie
- willie will schedule a meeting to get stuff done w/ that group

sata drives
- new driver for LSI cards, better performance and bug fixes for fusion mpt driver
- charles is working on a new kernel for this
- michael will talk to charles about LFS notes for building kernels
- update readme file to reflect dealing with the patches and list the known patches at this time
- current kernel transcript: 1.4.1
- charles will work with michael and liam to build a unified kernel with all of these patches

next meeting
    - facilitator: charles
    - oct 26th