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Re: identify that western scientific

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Marcus Watts wrote:

Several people seemed to be having problems finding a serial
number on the western scientific 1u machines, so I got curious
and had a look.

Interesting, they should have bugged me with how much I've had to deal with their hardware ;)

Towards the front, on top of the scsi cage, there is one that
says "Western Scientific".  It has one big number on it, and some
random identifying information about western scientific (url, phone number, etc.)
I suspect the big number is the serial number:

This is the serial number, you are correct.

It would probably be interesting to compare these numbers and stickers
with those of several other western scientific machines.  It should
become clear which ones are useful unique identifiers of the machines.
It would probably be useful to pick one of these and put it on a sticker
somewhere on the outside of the machine; maybe on the side ?

They put the serial numbers in the same place on their machines, I believe. (as long as they have removeable drives, at least)

Opening the machines is something of a challenge. The most useful approach I found was to take several spare card slot fillers (which were suspiciously handy) and insert the pointed ends in the slot between the front panel and the lid near the obvious but useless buttons on the lid, and use them to simultaneously push down on the button tab and pry apart the lid from the case lid (pushing the lid straight back).

They're actually fairly easy to open up. If you press down on the buttons and pull forward a little bit then push back the metal lid should slide back enough for you to pick it up.

Mike Garrison