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switching from rails to racks

I hate rails. I hate looking for the right-sized screws; I hate trying to match rail bits to one another; I hate having oily hands; I hate trying to get rails mounted at just the right width so the machine will slide in but not smash onto the floor. Furthermore, I think it is silly for us to be mounting all of our hardware on rails (to save space) when we can't maximize rack capacity anyway.

I vote we move to shelves (not that we actually *move* existing hardware, but that we start using shelves and stop ordering rails):

http://www.apcc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm? base_sku=AR8122BLK&language=en&LOCAL.APCCountryCode=ww
http://www.provantage.com/buy-7AMPI00N-fixed-shelf-250lb- capacity-black-apc-rack-system-accessories-ar8122blk-shopping.htm

willie and I did some research and this looks to be the cheapest sturdy-looking shelf we could find. I suspect it will only fit in the square-hole 4-post racks, though. I'm ordering one to check it out. Anyone else interested? Anyone want me to get a few extra so they also can "check" and "out?"

lovingly and sincerely,