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Re: UMCE Linux cleanup meeting

On Nov 2, 2005, at 8:18 PM, kevin mcgowan wrote:
has a status message been posted saying that we'll be doing routine and minor (but large-scale) server maintenance during this period and that we don't expect any downtime or service interruptions?



Err... I know I entered a lot more description than what actually shows there. Great, it looks like the status reporting tool is broken. I'll let them know about it.

This is what I actually entered - twice:

Several UMCE system administrators will be conducting a widescale cleanup of our production radmind server. This is the server which manages the data and software on nearly all of our production services.

However, this should cause a minimal impact to the actual servers, as we don't forsee many changes to the filesystems. In turn, we feel this runs a rather low risk of any services being interrupted during this time.

- Willie

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