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Re: equilibrium moving to data center

This is done.
nefu has been updated to reflect the new network dependency.
I also verified that the script that updates the beepage information on the nefu machines was able to retrieve the 'master' files from eq correctly.
postmaster* and *.umich.edu queues have been run on both mx.itd machines.
a records for rsug.itd.umich.edu, cvs.itd.umich.edu, blackops.itd.umich.edu and Wes's software .orgs have all been update and the virtual hosts on eq are serving the pages correctly.

Let us know if you experience any problems. If it is urgent feel free to page.

On Nov 3, 2005, at 2:30 PM, gelle@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Tomorrow evening (Friday) after 5pm we will be moving equilibrium to the data center.

During the time the machine is down for transport mail will be queued on mx.itd.umich.edu. After eq is back up we will run the queue to deliver the mail as soon as possible.

NOTE: the machine will be changing IPs. If you have machines permitting connections by IP you probably want to change this prior to the switch.