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e2fsprogs 1.38

Michael C Garrison <mcgarr@xxxxxxxxx> had written to ifs2@:
> When checking e2fsprogs.sf.net website, the latest is 1.38. There are 
> quite a lot of bug fixes since 1.35, so perhaps we (being umce 
> linux) should think about updating to 1.38 in the future.

I've built a copy of 1.38 here:


I've also updated the build notes to reflect this.

Probably this should be merged into our base & various future cds.
I don't see any remarkable changes, but it does appear to fix various
data typing issues and may work better on very large filesystems.

I originally did this because I had a machine with bad blocks
in the root partition and checkfs was booting up anyways after
fsck failed.  I think now that the fault was in checkfs.