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Re: reminder: no meeting today

On Nov 30, 2005, at 12:48 PM, Miguel Bermudez wrote:

Due to the manager retreat, today's meeting will not be held. We will schedule for next week. Please send me any scheduling conflicts we need to work around. Also I have added some potential agenda items. Any changes or additions can also be send to me.



It would be helpful if I actually added the items :)

- OpenAFS 1.4 (mcgarr)
- Linux 2.6 Kernel (cdstuart/mcgarr)
- Large File System support (> 2TB)
- console servers (mcgarr)
- sysstat package rebuild (mcgarr)
- better utility packages???
- lspci
- iperf
- misc other stuff
- fix man page for tar in transcripts
-fsck verison and fsck bugs