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UMCE Linux Meeting This Wednesday

Since I didn't hear any scheduling conflicts, the next meeting will be this Wednesday, December 7th, from 3:00 to 4:30 hopefully we will be able to meet this time. Here is the current agenda right now, please forward me any additions.

Thank you.

Potential agenda items:

- OpenAFS 1.4 (mcgarr)
- Linux 2.6 Kernel (cdstuart/mcgarr)
    - Large File System support (> 2TB)
- console servers (mcgarr)
- sysstat package rebuild (mcgarr)
- better utility packages???
    - lspci
    - iperf
    - misc other stuff
- fix man page for tar in transcripts
-finish all of the radmind server utilities?
-fsck version and fsck bugs