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Meeting Notes 12/7/05

UMCE Notes 12/07/05

On Call:
    - number of issues
        - why are ITD people paid a different rate
            - On Average UMCE people get paid more than 3.50/hour
    - sysrq
        - mcgarr has notes about how to use it and will be sent out
        - gpcc has a machine to play with
    - power issues in ALDF
        - tech forum on Jan 18th will be presented by Barb and others
            - anyone with issues should come and discuss it with them
    - the future datacenter(s)
        - nothing for 10 months to a year or more
        - Kitty is negotiating with merit to lease some of MCIT
            - half of our space, geared for high density
        - new datacenter out at arbor lakes
            - expected to be fully occupied
            - will leave half the space at hoover and green empty
                - has 24/7 staff
                - no generator or redundant networking
        - no upgrades at SEB

OpenAFS 1.4 (mcgarr)
- 1.4. client is currently in experimental
- will hopefully be moved to shared sometime next week
- there are issues on high volume machines where the cachemanager
runs out of vmalloc and causes the machine to segfault and crash (sftp/login)
- two ways to handle it
- clean up the tokens properly on exit
- run the garbage collector
echo 1 >> /proc/sys/afs/GCPAGs (or use sysctl)
- will be sending out the ideal parameters for cache size and settings
hopefully sometime next week and should see perf improvements
- CAEN is accessing the fileservers via the 10. network
- ainman doesnt believe our vlan isnt bridged to theirs
- jane is getting more details

Linux 2.6 Kernel (cdstuart/mcgarr)
    - Large File System support (> 2TB)
    - have a config for the 2.6 kernels based on the 2.4's
        - but it's AMD64
    - high point raid drivers are now built in and not ramdisk'ed
    - concerns are expressed about /dev/fs transition to udev
        - userland tools
    - policy for upgrading in 2.6 series
        - service by service upgrades to 2.6

console servers (mcgarr)
    - migration to anduril linux only for web and gpcc
    - root password has been updated on anduril
    - on its own 10. vlan
    - both distribute dhcp addresses
    - if one goes down, the other can take over

network policy (ainman)
    - non routed networks [console, backup]
        - don't use DNS
        - need a standard policy on how we handle IP address allocations
        - what do we do when a machine needs two backend addresses
        - or a machine that has no front end machine
    - what networks are appropriate for what tasks
        - prod vs non production
        - get rid of the routing of sites out here and vice versa
    - consolidate staff networks
    - news/web network ( 141.211.144 ) running out
        - getting we are getting

sysstat package rebuild (mcgarr)
- there is a new build of sysstat (6.0.1) for both 32bit and 64bit in shared

better utility packages???
- create a command file that has all of the utility packages in it that people can include
- lspci
- iperf
- lsof
- nmap
- mutt current release w/ssl'd connections
- nmh, exmh
- gvim
- misc other stuff

fsck version and fsck bugs
    - Marcus has 1.35 failing to repair problems in the dog test cell
    - 1.35 is old and should go away
    - 1.38 is the most recent
        - cdstuart will take care of building a new bootcd
    - steve s will test the fsck on the current cd to see if it heals
      corrupt file systems that 1.35 couldn't deal with.

finish all of the radmind server utilities?
- cdstuart will finish his soon
- ueda needs to finish her stuff too
- sean needs to implement lock-nag
- miguel almost has his script ready that will expand a k in K setup
- gab will write the glue to put everything together
- once done, need to schedule another session to see what it flags
clean it up
- then we can cron it
- we'd a lcksum for command file
- and/or a force lapply which will create directories that don't exist
so you can run the force and afterwards run fsdiff to get their directories
- negative files for command files

fix man page for tar in transcripts
    - We could get these elsewhere like debian
    - If other packages are found that have info-only docs, debian is
      often a solution

next meeting
- January 4th, 2006
- Then return to 4th wednesdays
- Leader: Tony
- Notes: Willie
- Identify those who havent shown up and find out what days work for them