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Re: Meeting Notes 12/7/05

On Dec 7, 2005, at 4:50 PM, Michael C Garrison wrote:

UMCE Notes 12/07/05
. . .
fsck version and fsck bugs
    - Marcus has 1.35 failing to repair problems in the dog test cell
    - 1.35 is old and should go away
    - 1.38 is the most recent
        - cdstuart will take care of building a new bootcd
    - steve s will test the fsck on the current cd to see if it heals
      corrupt file systems that 1.35 couldn't deal with.

fsck 1.35 did not find any problems. I suspect the system is now in a
state where the file system was mangled by 1.32, made consistent by 1.35,
but some of the mangling wound up corrupting some important files. I'm
just gonna rebuild this one rather than deal with trying to repair it