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family in need of assistance

Dear Sir ,

I know my message will come to you as a surprise but don't worry,but i
wish to let you know the primary aim of my contact is to assist secure an
inheritance left behind by my late husband here. to enable us venture into
business with your company on completion. this mail is intended to explain
to you all that i require you to do for me for the success of this business.
The funds that i need to transfer is a total of Twenty Two Million United
states dollars (US$22 000 000) I did not send this very important message
before as it was on open intrnet, but i feel more secured now to send it to
your personal address, and will hope that you will respond accordingly.
My husband made this deposit and informed them that it will be transferred
to his foreign partners country when he or his next of kin directs them. and
it was on his death bed that he told us all about this, and directed me to
seek the help of a reliable foreign partner that will assist me and my son.
so that we can go into business with your company. Now this was the  reason
we contacted you:

1.To act in the capacity of my husband foreign partner, for us to accomplish
the success of this business together,
2.Provide a bank account informations in your country, to receive this
funds, once i receive it in my email address i will forward it to the bank
here and will tell them to liase with you.
3. To help me and my child to arrive your country after the transfer is
completed to do business with you, and for him to finish his schooling.
We are currently here as refugees in a camp here waiting for the completion
of this business to enable us leave Africa for a better life in your
country. So in your next mail include the bank informations twenty percent
of the total fund will be your reward for this help,I hope this mail
explains all you need to know about the help you will do for us, if you have
more questions please mail to me as soon as you receive this mail, documents
of this deposit will be sent on receipt of your next mail. call on phone
number +27-72-587-0437 to speak with my son Mr. Elvis Williams and email me us
on williams.007@xxxxxxxxx, for more detailsand clarification on this business,
we will wait to hear from you so that we will progress.

Best regards
Dr.Mrs Juliet Williams,

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