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Monitoring MPT FUSION RAID status

I've built mpt-status which is used to monitor the current status of a MPT FUSION device. The homepage for mpt-status is http://www.drugphish.ch/~ratz/mpt-status/

The transcripts currently are in EXPERIMENTAL. The WS 1U machines are the ones that I know of (from our last hardware order) that use the MPT-FUSION for RAID.

mpt-status.T contains the binary and also the device node for mptctl.

mpt-status-module-1.4.1.T contains the kernel module build against the shared/kernel-1.4.1.T transcript. I plan on building one for other kernels as needed. Feel free to contact me if you have a non-standard kernel or need the module built.

The output looks like:

flawless-root# mpt-status
ioc0 vol_id 0 type IM, 2 phy, 34 GB, state OPTIMAL, flags ENABLED
ioc0 phy 0 scsi_id 0 MAXTOR ATLAS15K_36SCA DTA0, 34 GB, state ONLINE, flags NONE
ioc0 phy 1 scsi_id 1 MAXTOR ATLAS15K_36SCA DTA0, 34 GB, state ONLINE, flags NONE

flawless-root# mpt-status -s
log_id 0 OPTIMAL
phys_id 0 ONLINE
phys_id 1 ONLINE

Will give you the shorthand status to make it easier to script.

Feedback is appreciated as always. We should probably just start building this into our kernel.
CONFIG_FUSION_ISENSE [additional info when there is a scsi error]

-- Mike Garrison